About Us/Welcome

Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen,
To the Upcoming streetwear/luxury brand, CHRIS VALLÈE! For those who do not know how to pronounce Vallèe, it is (Val-Lay). We are honored to give you guys our best of the best. Our mission is to give y’all something unique, calm, eye grabbing, etc.. Our motto is: STARZZ Don’t Compete, We Just Shine! Meaning you got to stop comparing your life to someone else’s, and as you focus on yourself and be yourself, you gonna shine no matter what. We believe in QUALITY over QUANITY. As we grow from here we will expand to other clothing, accessories and more but we can’t get there alone, that’s why we need you. JOIN THE FAMILY! Feel free to contact us on our social media listed below. Give us feedback and tell us what you like or didn’t like and what you will like to see from us. We are open minded and great minds think alike. So, without further ado, ENJOY SHOPPING!